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Community Inspiration Awards

The annual Community Inspiration Awards is organised by the Community Foundation, to recognise outstanding contributions made by staff from public sector organisations, charities, businesses and members of the community, whose efforts have made a positive difference in the community.

This year, the awards ceremony will take place on Friday 20th September 2024 where our panel of esteemed judges will announce the finalists and winners. Like previous years, awards will be presented by various dignitaries, including Chief Officers from public sector organisations, council leaders and Members of Parliament.   

Nominations are across 15 categories:

Community Category

  • Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Sports Award

  • Duty to the Community Award

  • Volunteer Award

  • Bringing People Together Award

  • Education Achievement Award

  • Environment Champion Award

  • Good Neighbour Award

Public Services Category

  • Community Reassurance Award

  • Education Service Award

  • Public Services Award

  • Business & Enterprise Award

  • Fire Fighter Award

  • Community Organisation Award

  • Health & Wellbeing



Nominations should highlight tangible positive impacts made by the nominee on the community.

Nominations must be submitted within the specified timeframe to be considered for the awards.

The selection process will be conducted impartially, ensuring fairness and transparency in the recognition of deserving individuals.


  • Connect with community leaders and network.

  • Witness impactful stories that ignite action.

  • Gain insights into effective community engagement.

  • Join in honoring remarkable contributions.

  •  Support nominees and winners making a difference.

  • Strengthen bonds within the community.

  • Express appreciation for those shaping our community positively.


1. What are the Community Inspiration Awards?

The Community Inspiration Awards are annual awards organised by the Community Foundation to recognise individuals who have made significant positive contributions to their communities.

2. Who can be nominated for the awards?

Any individual who has actively contributed to the betterment of their community, whether through public service, charity work, business initiatives, or grassroots efforts, can be nominated for the Community Inspiration Awards.

3. How can I nominate someone for an award?

You can nominate someone by filling out the nomination form available on our website during the nomination period. Provide detailed information about the nominee's contributions and achievements.

4. Can I nominate myself for an award?

Yes, self-nominations are accepted. If you believe your own contributions warrant recognition, you are welcome to submit a nomination on your own behalf.

5. How are finalists and winners selected?

A panel of judges reviews all nominations and shortlists candidates for each award category based on the merit of their contributions. Finalists may then be determined through a combination of judging panel decisions and community voting.

6. Is there a fee to nominate someone for an award?

No, there is no fee associated with submitting a nomination for the Community Inspiration Awards. The nomination process is free and open to all.

7. When is the deadline to submit nominations?

The deadline for submitting nominations is typically announced at the beginning of the nomination period. Please refer to our website or promotional materials for the current deadline.

8. When and where will the awards ceremony take place?

The awards ceremony is usually held at a designated venue in the community, with the date and location announced well in advance. Details regarding the ceremony will be provided closer to the event date.

9. How can I attend the awards ceremony?

Information about attending the awards ceremony, including ticketing and registration details, will be available to nominees and their guests. Stay tuned for updates on how you can join us in celebrating the achievements of our award recipients.

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