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Neighbourhood Watch Scheme Set up for Lozells

Community Foundation has set up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme covering most of the Lozells Area. All residents of the area can become a member of the scheme, and help in making sure that the area is strong, clean, and a safe place to live.


Neighbourhood Watch is not just about crime awareness, it's about supporting communities and tackling issues within them. The effect on our communities caused by Youth Isolation; Loneliness and Vulnerability is evident and we have developed this section with this in mind. Making you aware of these issues will enable you to be proactive in your community to help those in our communities that need support.


Benefits of Neighbourhood Watch Scheme:

  • Reduce / prevent local crime & disorder

  • Reduce fear of crime

  • Address antisocial behaviour

  • Create safer neighbourhoods

  • Build community spirit and cohesion

  • Reassure members of the public

  • Improve quality of life and the local environment

  • Create a cleaner environment


To join the NHW Scheme

Just pop into our office, or go to and type your postcode and select Community Foundation NHW and click to join.


Benefit to members of NHW Scheme

By becoming a member you have taken the first step to making the area that you live a stronger and safer place to be. 

We encourage you to connect with your neighbours and others within your community who also share your desire to help others:


  • Monthly Newsletter with is stories about ordinary members doing amazing things in their community, future campaigns such as Neighbourhood Watch Awareness Week. Also provides you with updates you on updates what the Central Support Team are doing.

  • Updates about important national news, campaigns and crime prevention advice, relevant to our members. 

  • Surveys to make sure we are providing a consistent level of support to our members and helps us identify any additional needs or content for you

  • Awareness of crimes that affect our communities such as vehicle crime, elder abuse, disability hate crime, and advice on access to CCTV.

  • Online workshops - we have a variety of online workshops available to members, coordinators and Associations to increase their knowledge base.  We have covered subjects such as, domestic abuse, self-assessment toolkits, fundraising advice, using social media to promote your schemes and encouraging diversity in Neighbourhood Watch.


Roads Covered by the scheme:

  • St Silas Square

  • Burners Street

  • Lozells Street

  • Carpenters Rd

  • Willis Street

  • Banbury Street 

  • Anglesey Street

  • Church Street & many more. 


For further info, please contact Community Foundation 

Quayside Tower 11th Floor

252-260 Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2HF

T: 0121 643 6490 or 07918546577




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