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  • Have you ever done any charity work before starting your own charity? If so, what did you do?
    I have done a lot of voluntary work with the National Community Safety Network and my first job was with a charity as a youth worker when I was 18.
  • What did you study at school/University?
    I studied Youth & Community in University. However, initially I wanted to be a doctor when I was a teenager, but later changed direction.
  • What was your job before this?
    I was a Partnership Director with Walsall Council.
  • What was your dream job as a child?
    I wanted to be a Police Officer.
  • Why did you create Community Foundation and what inspired you?
    In 2010, I took the opportunity to leave local government and start my own charity, showcasing my skills and experience.
  • You have received three awards, the Police Authority Community Service Award, Community Waterway Adoption Award and Making Lozells Cleaner & Greener Award- What did you do to receive these awards?
    For the Police Authority Community Service Award, I was recognised for assisting in mitigating tensions during the Birmingham Riots, where 3 boys were killed closed to where I lived. I helped gather evidence for other youths in the area and I organised meetings and discussions, urging young people to refrain from rioting. This contributed to the de-escalation of the riots as youths were not retaliating in revenge. For the Waterway Adoption Award, I adopted canals in Aston and organised a team of volunteers to help and maintain the area. For the Making Lozells Cleaner & Greener Award, I organised a group of staff and volunteers to convince local residents to take part in our local area clean ups, through door-to door knocking.
  • Out of all the things you do in your job, what would you say is your favourite thing to do?
    My favourite part of the job is the activities I can get involved with, such as, residentials and delivering training to young people. Seeing the young people happy and with smiles on their faces is also very rewarding.
  • Where do you see the charity going in 3-5 years?
    In the future I would like to expand the charity’s reach on an international scale, assisting and addressing the needs of communities worldwide.
  • Who were your role models when you were younger?
    My role models when I was younger included my dad, my English teacher, Malcom X & Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  • What advice would you give your younger self?
    “Just do what you are doing; focus and work”
  • What is the impact we have made?
    Since 2010, we have developed several initiatives and projects that have supported a large number of people and communities. This includes: work experience, student placement, apprenticeships, ESOL & digital classes, youth clubs, employment support and more.
  • Are there opportunities for volunteers to get involved?
    Volunteers play a key part in the success of our charity. Therefore, we are always looking for individuals to offer their time and resources. Please, visit our Volunteers page to learn how you can join our charity.
  • What is the mission of your charity?
    Our mission is to improve the quality of life of communities living in areas of multiple deprivation.
  • How can I contact your charity for more information?
    Please, browse our website for further information on the projects and support we provide. Further to this, you also have the option to subscribe if you scroll to the bottom of our homepage- this will enable you to be updated on any projects or news. Alternatively, for further information on how you can access a particular project, you may contact us on 0121 312 0135 or email us at
  • How can I make a donation?
    To make a donation, simply visit our Donate page and you will see there are several ways you can make a donation (some are even FREE!).
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  • Why Volunteer
    Volunteering can be an excellent way to further your studies and enhance your career prospects. To compete effectively in the current economic climate, and to enhance your employability, it’s crucial that you can provide evidence to employers of the transferable skills you possess, many of which can be gained as a volunteer. The competencies demanded by graduate recruiters commonly include: ​ ​people skills – teamwork, good communication, networking and empathy management skills – leadership, use of initiative, delegation, planning and organising business skills – commercial awareness and an understanding of how organisations operate. ​
  • Do I need to have any experience?
    No experience is required. All we ask is that you are open minded and like to meet new people. You will need to be available to volunteer during normal office hours and to commit a minimum of 2-3 hours a week.
  • What are volunteering opportunities with Community Foundation?
    We currently have volunteering opportunities in numerous schemes. This could include befriending service users on a one-to-one basis and accompanying people on trips, interviews and social events. We have a variety of schemes including outreach services where we support people in the community. For further information please call us for a chat and to answer any questions. We will send you out more detailed information and ask you to fill in a very simple application form. You will need to attend a brief interview, supply us with the names and addresses of two referees and if accepted will need to undergo a Criminal Records check which Community Foundation will pay for.  To find out more about what voluntary roles are available, call us on 0121 643 6490 or send us an email to:
  • Finalists
    Paulette Suban: Cape Community Centre For her many years of volunteering for the Sandwell community Paula Brogan: New Era, Domestic abuse Services (part of Victim Support) For spending all her time and energy supporting and campaigning for those affected by domestic abuse. Muhammad Sarfraz Madni For campaigning to bring about social justice and mentoring young people to become medics, engineers, teachers and scientists. Noran Flynn For her years of dedication to improve education standards in Nechells. Nazir Khan: Attock Cricket Club For his support to local youngsters to learn cricket and progress to play at county level. Ragih Muflihi: YCA Sandwell Dedicating his time to help the communities in Sandwell by setting up the YCA Cultural Centre in Sandwell. Professor Sunil Shah: Midland Eye Institute For his years of research to improve eye sight and his pioneering work to develop LASEK a new laser eye surgery technique. Anwar Khattak: Birmingham Youth Sports Academy For his years of voluntary work to help guide and support youths though sports Janet Blann: Northfield Quaker Pre-School For her life long service to support families with young children.

Frequently Asked Questions

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