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Alpkit Foundation

The funding is intended for:

  • Diversity and inclusion projects that engage individual and groups from a diverse range of backgrounds.

  • Environmental projects that seek to support, conserve, or generate understanding of our environment and wild places

  • Health projects enabling people to gain physical and mental wellbeing from the Great Outdoors.

  • Education projects such as First Aid, D of E, Forest Schools and Mountain Leader.

  • Participation projects that get more people experiencing the Great Outdoors.


There is particular interest in projects that:

  • Encourage responsible outdoor activity.

  • Have long lasting benefits.

  • Introduce new people to get outdoors.

  • Demonstrate value for money.

B&Q Foundation Grants

The funding is intended for charities working with people in need (by reason of financial hardship, sickness, disability, other disadvantage or distress) in the UK and who need funding for the following:


Projects that provide, maintain, repair or improve housing or community space.


Supporting people experiencing bad housing or homelessness.


The funding can support decorating, renovating, or creating spaces, both indoors and outdoors, where people can feel at home and have a sense of belonging.


Projects could include creating community gardens, redecorating properties, installing new boilers, and creating new buildings or rooms.


The funding will cover the full cost for the completion of the project, including staff time required.

Projects need to be delivered within six months of receiving the grant.

Enterprise Development Programme - Youth

The Enterprise Development Programme is a five-year initiative funded by Access - The Foundation for Social Investment and managed by a coalition of partners, including Social Investment Business and the Centre for Youth Impact.

Following a successful pilot year, which focused on organisations in the homelessness and youth sectors, the programme is now being extended to include the mental health and equality sectors. These new sectors will benefit until 2022, while the homelessness and youth sectors will continue to participate until 2021.

Further sectors will be added each year and the programme will run until at least 2024.

Community Enterprise Fund

The fund offers loan/grant packages to support the sustainability of charities and social enterprises that aim to improve people's lives in communities in England and Wales.

To be eligible organisations should:

  • Based in England or Wales.

  • Legally constituted and a registered charity or social enterprise, primarily constituted for social benefit.

  • Owned by or operating clearly for the benefit of the community within which it is located.

  • Operating for at least one year.

  • Can provide evidence of need for and benefit to their local community.

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