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Know Your Neighbours


Community Foundation provides a befriending and support service to the elderly and isolated individuals through a team of volunteers who give few hours of their time each week to help a needy neighbour.


We provide a befriending service for older people who live alone– pairing them with a volunteer who they can meet on a regular basis.  This includes a weekly 1:1 visit from a volunteer befriender with the emphasis on listening and to use home visiting / befriending as a means of opening up other social opportunities for needy people, older people and isolated individuals


Volunteers with Know Your Neighbour project carry out the following to help an elderly person:


· Shopping for basic food items/or going shopping together

· Help with changing a light bulb or fitting a plug on an appliance

· Reading forms and helping to complete them

· Collecting prescriptions

· Attend Luncheon clubs

· Going on daytrips or visit to the local park/library

· Having a cup of tea and a chat


All volunteers are required to complete a CRB form before to register on to the scheme.


The core objectives of the project are:


· Enhance quality of life and increase confidence and resilience within the elderly and vulnerable  communities. Our project works with the    vulnerable and elderly people and communities to help bring about improvements impacting on their quality of life.

· Help reduce isolation of older and vulnerable people in the community, either through receiving the service or through volunteering for it.

· Help the elderly/isolated develop their confidence and resilience and increase their wellbeing, through the opportunity to form a trusting      relationship over time with helpers / volunteers

· Increase volunteering opportunities in the local community

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