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Student Work Experience


Our Student Work Experience Programme provides students with the chance to gain hands-on learning, mentorship, networking opportunities, and skill development tailored to complement their academic journey. With flexible scheduling and impactful projects, we're committed to helping you build a strong resume and unlock your full potential.

We have facilitated placements  for students studying the following in the past:

  • English

  • Level 3 Business

  • Social Policy

  • Digital  Marketing

We have worked with the following institutions:

  • University College Birmingham

  • University of Birmingham

  • Cadbury Sixth Form College

  • Birmingham City University

  • Protocol Consultancy Services

  • Walsall College

  • Aston University

Willing to give it your all


Eager to learn


  • Develop your skillls and knowledge in the area you wish to pursue a career in

  • Meet new people

  • Build confidence

  • Understand how an office environment works

  • Develop skills to enhance your CV


How long will the work experience last?

There is no set duration for work experience. Previously have had work placements like from 4 weeks to over a year. Therefore, we are quite flexible.

What work will I be involved in?

Dependent on the course you are undertaking at College or University,  you may be invovled in administrative work, project management & delivery, marketing and fundraising and more.

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