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Deen Academy


At Deen Academy, we offered evening madrasa, tuition, and scouts activities for boys & girls ages 5 - 16 years old.

Classes are run Monday – Friday from 4:30pm – 6:30pm

We offered:

  • Tajweed, Adab & Akhlak, Arabic, Seerah, Hifz, Dua & Azkar, Fiqh of Tahara & Salah – Our aim is to ensure students are equipped with proper knowledge and understanding of the deen.

  • Arts & craft, Sports, Nasheed, Camps and residentials, day trips – Students joined our weekly scouts group to learn everyday skills and become model citizens through fun and games.

  • SATs & GCSEs: Maths, Science, English Language & Literature – All Students were offered Key Stage 1 – 3 support and guidance in English, Maths & Science.

  • Classes would be run by experienced & trained DBS checked teachers

  • Classrooms were equipped with comfortable tables and chairs to aid teaching and learning

  • Small number of students per classroom

For further information please visit our website or contact us on:

20 St Silas Square, Lozells, Birmingham B19 1QW


Deen Academy is an education Project of Community Foundation.

Charity Reg No. 1155455

Ofsted Reg No. EY486440


Aged 5-16 years old

Parents must be in receipt of Working Tax Credit



  • A diverse curriculum, including religious studies, arts, sports, and academic support, ensures a well-rounded education 

  • Classes run Monday-Friday from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm, accommodating the after-school hours for students.

  • Classes are led by experienced, trained, and DBS checked teachers, ensuring quality education and a safe learning environment.

  • Limited students per classroom facilitate personalised attention and an effective learning environment.

  • Scouts activities promote the development of everyday skills, fostering qualities that contribute to students becoming model citizens.

  • Support and guidance for SATs and GCSEs in key subjects provide valuable assistance for academic success.

  • Well-equipped classrooms with comfortable furniture enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Download Project Pamphlet


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