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Holiday Activity Club

"I wanted to thank the foundation for the fantastic and well organised holiday club; my kids enjoyed it very much and said it was their best holiday club so far. I wanted to give my feedback as I believe this foundation deserves very good feedback. Thank you again for your effort and the memorable and fantastic summer holiday."

Sameer Azim

Hatch Programme Participant

“My mum told me about the Community Foundation programme and told me this would be good for me.
I attended the Hatch Programme, and my experience was good because I had learnt a few skills.
I have gained confidence and also new skills I need to know in a job. I know how to make  a CV. I enjoyed the whole thing because it wasn’t boring, we had fun activities and it was fun."

Hanifah Saleh

Hatch Programme Work Placement

“I found Community Foundation’s Hatch programme via a job site.
I saw it as a great opportunity to add experience to my CV and to learn more about employment.
Hatch was a nice experience as I’ve never done admin work before.  I gained skills and knowledge needed when in an interview and what a good CV looks like. I liked the modules and pizza"

Hassan Nadeem

Work Placement Student/Trainee

“I first learned about Community Foundation through my traineeship at Protocol. What motivated me to be a part of Community Foundation was that I have always aspired for be an integral aspect of a company/organisation. I have yet to complete my Hatch programme at KFC, where I hope my confidence and communication skills will be improved. One of my most memorable experiences at Community Foundation was the Hatch modules where I got to communicate and work as a team with people my age.“

A Trainee

Hatch Programme Work Placement

“Community Foundation allowed me to gain valuable skills that are a necessity for a person to have. My placement enabled me to grow as a person and become a better version of myself. I also learnt skills that school doesn’t teach, such as talking to people over the phone confidently. The environment is warm and welcoming and is the perfect place to develop as a young individual.“

Dante Johnson

Work Placement/ Trainee

“I learnt about Community Foundation through Protocol. They offered work experience in their office and also placement at KFC. I attended the Hatch programme. My experience was good; I learned new things and gained experience."

Darnish Amraz

CIA Award Winner-2023

“What motivated me about the foundation is it recognised people’s hard work; there are a lot of people from ethnic minority backgrounds who are doing amazing work throughout different industries but are not recognised. The community foundation recognised this and gave them the recognition they deserve"

The Cyber Hub Trust

CIA Award Winner-2023

“The Community Foundation’ is a wonderful organisation. We are thrilled to have been given a platform to support them in their work highlighting local individuals and organisations who do so much to benefit the people of the West Midlands."

Brooke Newall

Work Placement/Trainee

"I found Community Foundation through a traineeship- I completed my work experience element through Community Foundation for 3 months. All the staff are lovely. Community Foundation helped me grow in confidence with answering telephone calls and greeting visitors. Thank you, Community Foundation.

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