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Medina Food Bank

The cost-of-living crisis has had a severe impact on the most vulnerable people of our community, and we want to help by giving emergency food to members of the community that needs it the most.Community Foundation is working in partnership with Jami Mosque and Islamic Centre and Tesco Supermarket who is providing essential food supplies for the food bank.

We are looking for volunteers to help with collecting food items from Hall Green and Yardley Tesco store. If you would like to give back to the community and can help with the collection in the evening, please contact us or complete the volunteer form.



  • Receive emergency food assistance to those in need who may otherwise go hungry.

  • Receive a variety of nutritious foods, contirbuting to better overall health for recipients.

  • Supports vulnerable populations, including low-income families,  and individuals experiencing homelessness. 

  • Reduces food wastage by supermarkets

  • Empowers individuals and families to regain stability, focus on long-term goals, and break the cycle of poverty.



Who can access the food bank? Is there eligibility?

The food bank is open to all who need food. 

How do I volunteer?

To volunteer, please complete our volunteer registration form and return to

What does volunteering invovle?

You will help collect food from Hall Green and Yardley Tesco and bring to our distribution location.

What are the food bank opening hours?

The food bank is open Mon-Sun, from 11AM-6PM.

Where is the food bank located?

The food bank is located at 521-527 Coventry Rd, Birmingham, B10 0LL.

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