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Training & Support

Community Foundation provides a number of support services to charities and voluntary organisations.  We can help with registering your organisation with the charity commission or open a business bank account, our expert advisers can help you.

We provide the following services:

  • Governing document £400.00

  • Company registration £250.00

  • Charity registration £400.00

  • Opening new Bank Account £250

  • Policy Documents £25 per policy

  • Health and Safety Assessments £300 per premises

  • Fire Risk Assessments £150 per premises

  • Staff and trustee training

For more information on any of our services please get in touch on 0121 312 0135 or alternatively email us at


The out of school inspection will require certain evening/weekend educational bodies to be fully compliant with a number of standards to safeguard and protect children from harm, as well as ensure education is balanced and promotes British values and all staff are DBS checked. Charity registered bodies are also obliged to ensure the organisation is running according to Charity Commission guidelines.

Community Foundation works in partnership with many colleges and training providers. We have been providing vocational, accredited and non accredited training courses for individuals and organisations for many years. We have put together a bespoke training programme for mosques and madrasah offering a range of very affordable essential courses.

Our trainers speak English, Urdu and Bengali. The training can be carried out in any of these languages. Courses are open to male and female.

Courses take place at our premises in Birmingham and in East London. We can also come out to your location provided there is a minimum of 20 participants.

All participants will be presented with our in-house certificate after attending the course.

Full list of the courses available can be found in our website. 

To register for any of the courses, send us an email to with your name, contact number, position, organisation, name of course and the number of people from your organisation to attend course. We will then contact you with details of the next available course and joining instructions.


Community Foundation ran a one-day training course on the 4th July, to prepare mosque staff, volunteers and trustee with essential knowledge and skills in reopening mosque after the lockdown. The training was attended by representatives from various mosques in Birmingham and delivered by Nozmul Hussain Chief Executive of Community Foundation at the Jami Mosque and Islamic Centre in Small Heath. Participants learnt about all the things that needed to be done before reopening the mosque such as carrying out a risk assessment, drafting a Covid-19 policy and guidelines, making changes to premises and operating times to reduce risks. Participants also learnt about legal duties and role of trustee, staff and volunteers and keeping premises safe for employees and visitors. The session ended with some practical workshop on how to take temperature reading, crowd control whilst maintaining social distance and what to do if a visitor has Covid-19 symptoms.






  • Essential training for trustees and staff ensures compliance with standards.

  • Trainers proficient in English, Urdu, and Bengali make training accessible to a wide audience, fostering inclusivity.

  • Courses held in Birmingham, East London, and on-site (with a minimum of 20 participants) accommodate diverse geographical needs.

  • Participants receive in-house certificates, acknowledging their completion of courses and enhancing their professional credentials.

  •  Bespoke training programs for mosques and madrasahs address specific community needs, such as the one-day course on mosque reopening after lockdown.

  •  The training session includes practical workshops, imparting hands-on skills like temperature reading, crowd control, and addressing Covid-19 symptoms, enhancing real-world applicability.


How can I access your services?

Please email us at and include what you require support with. We will be in touch as soon as possible.

Are there any discounts available for services?

The prices indicated are the fixed fees.

What documents are needed to complete bank?

  • Organisation proof of address- utility bill, bank statemen or council tax letter

  • Valid ID- passport or driving license 

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