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Raspberry Pi

In collaboration with Raspberry Pi, the Community Foundation is distributing Raspberry Pi computers to children and youth in Birmingham. This initiative specifically targets those in full-time education, hailing from low-income families, and eligible for free school meals to assist with their school homework. We recognise the obstacles faced by families navigating the realms of low income and limited resources, especially when it comes to accessing crucial educational devices. 

Our goal is to address the challenges faced by economically disadvantaged families in accessing essential devices for educational purposes. By bridging this digital gap, we aim to empower young minds and support their academic endeavors.


Low income

In receipt of free school meals

In full-time education


  • Access to free device to provides essential tools for students to excel in school homework and assignments.

  • Alleviates the financial burden on low-income families, ensuring equal access to crucial educational resources.

  • By bridging the digital gap, we empower young minds, fostering academic success and opening doors to brighter futures.

Download Project Pamphlet


Who can access the service?

Children from low income families, in receipt of free school meals and in education. 

How can I access this service?

Access to this service is limited to our internal network, specifically benefiting our organisation's youth and ongoing projects.

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