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Youth Mentoring Programme

Community Foundation started a Youth Mentoring Scheme, which would provide mentors from various professional background to support and encourage a young person to make the right choices to manage their own future direction.

The scheme helped young people to maximise their potential, develop their confidence, improve themselves and become the person they want to be.

Registering was simple, if you are a young person or know somebody between the ages of 13-21 years old who can benefit from mentoring, go to the link below and complete the application form and email back to us.

Mentee Registration Form

If you would like to mentor a young person, complete the Mentor registration form and send it back to and we will get in touch with you shortly

Mentor Registration Form

You can find out more information about our mentoring programme by clicking the link below

Mentoring Information Pack

We now have a pamphlet with further information on youth mentoring, click link below for the pamphlet.

Youth Mentoring Pamphlet


Mentor: Aged 16-25 Mentees: Aged 13-21




For mentors:

  • Make a real difference in someone's life.

  • Learn about your mentee as well as yourself

  • Have fun Give back to the community and contribute to its future development

  • Learning skills directly relevant to the workplace

  • Build your emotional intelligence 

For mentees:

  • You will get a mentor from a professional background of your choice.

  • Have someone to listen to you and encourage you along the way with a helping hand.

  • Gain valuable insights and guidance to enhance personal and professional skills.

  • Connect with experienced individuals who can provide valuable connections and introductions.

  • Receive free advice on career paths, setting goals, and navigating professional challenges.

  •  Receive constructive feedback and emotional support to navigate challenges and setbacks.



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