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Childhood Immunisation

Community Foundation ran workshops and community surveys as part of  research commissioned by Flourish, West Birmingham’s Community Health Collaborative to understand from local communities the concerns and worries people have about immunisations and whether changes to how immunisations are explained, offered or delivered can help to raise rates.  

Measles has been on the rise in our communities because childhood MMR immunisation rates are at an all-time low. But it’s not just MMR – in some communities, there is now hesitation around all childhood immunisations.  

Two workshops were conducted in Lozells to reach out and listen to the BAME community amount their views and thoughts on childhood immunisation.  A survey was also undertaken to capture more quantitative data to better understand the scale of the issue.


Eager to learn

Willing to participate

Maintain respectful engagement


  • Attendees shared  concerns and worries they face regarding immunisations.

  • Workshops offered potential changes to immunisation explanations and delivery to increase rates.

  • Helps combat the increase in measles by tackling low MMR immunisation rates.

  • Provides strategies to address hesitancy around childhood immunizations.

  • Engages the BAME community in Lozells to ensure their voices are heard.

  • Surveys provide data to better understand the scale of the immunisation issue.

  • Attendees actively participate in shaping solutions for better immunisation rates.



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