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Parent Patrol

Local parents after undertaking basic training around conflict resolution and anti-social behaviour were teamed up with Police Community Support Officers to patrol targeted locations on the look out for children and young people committing anti-social behaviour.

Community Foundation believes on the notion that community safety and security are not the sole responsibility of the Police but rather a shared responsibility between the Police and Public.

Parent Patrol is a new initiative of Community Foundation. This initiative will provide an opportunity to local parents to take part in joint patrols with the Police Community Support Officers in areas around Lozells, to prevent anti-social behaviour.

We are in the process of identity and working with local parents to become more proactive in helping their children stay away from anti-social behaviour.

The programme created awareness amongst parents of the types ASB committed by youths (who even may be their own children), so they can have a more informed discussion with their children about ASB. This programme also sends a clear signal to youths in the area to be cautious, as their parents may be on patrol and catch them red handed!

It is the intention of the organisers that this active joint effort in crime prevention will enhance and improve the quality of life in Lozells.

We will be providing a number of free workshops and training for parents to take part in this initiative, covering:

  • Working with young people

  • Dealing with anti-social behaviour

  • Better parenting

  • Understanding crime and disorder

If you would like to take part, please contact

Nozmul Hussain



  • Actively contribute to making local areas safer.

  • Take part in joint patrols to actively prevent and address anti-social behavior among children and young people.

  • Become more proactive in guiding and preventing children from engaging in anti-social behaviour.

  • Increase awareness among parents about the types of anti-social behaviour

  • Contribute to enhancing the overall quality of life in the community by preventing anti-social behaviour.

  • Access free workshops and training on working with young people, dealing with anti-social behavior, better parenting, and understanding crime and disorder.



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