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Community Inspiration Awards 2023



Community Award Category

 1. Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is to recognise the outstanding achievements made by a person throughout their lifetime and is an inspiration to others.

The finalist are:

Paulette Suban: Cape Community Centre

For her many years of volunteering for the Sandwell community

Paula Brogan: New Era, Domestic abuse Services (part of Victim Support)

For spending all her time and energy supporting and campaigning for those affected by domestic abuse.

Muhammad Sarfraz Madni

For campaigning to bring about social justice and mentoring young people to become medics, engineers, teachers and scientists.

Noran Flynn

For her years of dedication to improve education standards in Nechells.

Nazir Khan: Attock Cricket Club

For his support to local youngsters  to learn cricket and progress to play at county level.

Ragih Muflihi: YCA Sandwell

Dedicating his time to help the communities in Sandwell by setting up the YCA Cultural Centre in Sandwell.

Professor Sunil Shah: Midland Eye Institute

For his years of research to improve eye sight and his pioneering work to develop LASEK a new laser eye surgery technique.

Anwar Khattak: Birmingham Youth Sports Academy

For his years of voluntary work to help guide and support youths  though sports

Janet Blann: Northfield Quaker Pre-School

For her life long service to support families with young children.

Runners Up & Winners

 1. Lifetime Achievement Award

Award Presenter: Andy Street: Mayor of West Midlands Combined Authority

2rd Runner Up

Paula BroganNew Era, Domestic Abuse Services (part of Victim Support)

1st  Runner up

Ragih MuflihiYCA Sandwell


Noran Flynn

2. Duty to the Community Award

This award is to recognise a politician or community activist for their dedication to serve the community through thick and thin to bring about improvements in their community.

The finalist are:

The Birmingham Crisis Centre

For the provision of emergency accommodation and support for victims of domestic violence or abuse.

Tony Kelly: NHS Birmingham and Solihull Integrated Care System

For campaigning to raise the profile of living with and managing type 2 diabetes and championing healthy food and life choices.

Sara Maynard: Listen Uplift Vent CIC

For setting up Listen Uplift Vent CIC to support women who have been the victims of domestic violence.

Caroline Phansi: Contento Social Homes

For leading the work to support BAME women fleeing domestic violence through the creation of new refuge spaces.

Clair Graham & Team- Empower U: Birmingham Children’s Trust

For bringing people together to reduce exploitation and supporting children and young people to live happy, fulfilled lives.

Asma Osman: Approachable Parenting CIC

For supporting vulnerable children and families to be heard and provided with the right support.

Louis Johnson

For fundraising since the age 4 to help charities supporting children, elderly and the homeless.

Sherall Donaldson: Arawak Community Care

For her continuous effort to help and support the elderly in Coventry, Nuneaton & Rugby.

East Midlands Freewheelers

Supporting bereaved mothers to donate their milk to premature babies in the East Midlands area through the NHS.

Runners up & Winners

2. Duty to the Community Award

Award Presenter: Mike Wood MP for Dudley South

2nd Runner up

Sherall DonaldsonArawak Community Care

1st  Runner up

Tony KellyNHS Birmingham and Solihull Integrated Care System


Caroline PhansiContento Social Homes

3. Bringing People Together Award

This award is to recognise an outstanding individual or a group who have improved community cohesion by bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and cultures to work together.

The finalist are:

Elaine Kelley

For supporting parents and children who have or are on the pathway to ASD/ADHD through the Family Centre.

Elizabeth Kardynal: European Welfare Centre

For her dedication in supporting 5000 Eastern European migrants and refugee families within the community.

Kamran Hussain: Green Lane Masjid & Community Centre

For his continuous work to build bridges between the Muslim community and fostering partnerships through Green Lane Masjid.

Moez Nathu: Peterborough Asylum and Refugee Community Association

For supporting Asylum seekers and the refuge community integrate with the host community.

Farida Kavde Messam: Original Step Performers

For her continuous dedication in working with young people for over 20 years providing them with structured and meaningful activities in Leicester.

Anwar Khattak: Birmingham Youth Sports Academy

For dedicating his time as a volunteer for over 20 years supporting 1000 young people and adults.

Nathan and Sabrina Dennis: First Class Foundation

For providing a wide range of community services, including 'Kitchen Table Talks,' and supported numerous families and young people.

Asia Ali: Approachable Parenting CIC

For her remarkable efforts in raising awareness of peri-natal loss and providing support to bereaved mothers.

Ashwin Rathod: AB3D Community Association

For his dedication to empowering individuals, especially young artists, and raising awareness about issues impacting BAME communities.

Runners up & Winners

3. Bringing People Together

Award Presenter:  Andy Street: Mayor of West Midlands Combined Authority

2nd Runner up

Elaine Kelley

1st Runner up

Anwar KhattakBirmingham Youth Sports Academy


Moez NathuPeterborough Asylum and Refugee Community Association

4. Environment Champion Award

This award is to recognise an individual or an organisation that has been helping to make positive improvements to the environment.

The finalist are:

Nottingham Clean Champions: Nottingham City Council Staff and Volunteers

For active recruitment and support of volunteers and raising awareness about littering to foster mindful waste management among residents in Nottingham.

Shokt Fazal: Birchills Agenda 21

For serving as a dedicated volunteer who significantly impacts the community through his involvement with the Birchills Agenda 21 Group in Walsall.

Witton Lodge: Community Association

For their hard work providing unique and vital education and training on environmental issues and benefiting thousands of vulnerable residents in North Birmingham.

John Ellis: Canal and River Trust                                   

For developing and managing a successful initiative that has benefited 35,605 children and young people of all backgrounds through the Canal and River Trust’s Let’s Fish Programme.

Stefanie Lakin: Madrina UK

For working as a teacher for over 20 years has dedicated herself to helping disadvantaged students attend proms and founded Madrina UK last year to ensure inclusivity.

Joel Bailey: Jigsaw Support Scheme

He has demonstrated exceptional dedication by volunteering weekly at a mental health group, providing hoarders with support in Mansfield and Bassetlaw area through Jigsaw Support Scheme.

Mohammed Sagir: Voice of Dudley Business

For campaigning and raising awareness on fly tipping and homelessness.

Robina Iqbal: Highfield Hall Community Club

She has worked hard to transform a derelict community centre into a welcoming hub among diverse communities in Birmingham.

Friends of George’s Park

For working with local residents to promote an active lifestyle and engage in environmental projects through community initiatives in Lozells.

Runners up & Winners

4. Environment Champion Award

Award Presenter: Cllr Majid Mahmood, Cabinet Lead Environment, Birmingham City Council

2nd Runner up

Witton LodgeCommunity Association

1st Runner up

Shokt FazalBirchills Agenda 21


Nottingham Clean ChampionsNottingham City Council Staff & Volunteers

5. Sports Award

This award is to recognise an individual who has excelled in sporting, or a club that has supported people to realise their full potential and sporting talent.

The finalist are:

Vitor Gomes: Mellish Sports Centre

For his hard work acquiring a range of qualifications in sports enabling him to provide affordable and inclusive services in a highly deprived area.

Special Olympics Sandwell

For providing inclusive sports, leisure opportunities and taking their team to ‘Go for Gold’ in Annual Competitions.

Sports Key

For working hard to offer a platform to enhance their physical and mental well-being through fitness and social engagement, transforming the lives of previously disengaged individuals in Birmingham.

Support Through Sport

For engaging over 1000 young people in disadvantaged areas, utilising sports to divert them from negative influences such as gang violence and knife crime.

Matt Price: Community group

For his support to the Community Group's walking rugby program to promote physical activity and foster social connections for the over 50s.

Jesse Giles: Mellish Sports Centre

For working tirelessly coaching and mentoring at risk youths in boxing in deprived areas.


For engaging with over 1000 young BAME people annually through free sports and also assisting with job applications and CV writing.

Rajab Noor: Sporting Your Futures

For being dedicated to delivering community sport projects, and providing people from underprivileged backgrounds, the chance to participate in sports and activities.

Icicles Senior: Nottingham Synchronised Skating Academy

A British ice-skating team that has tirelessly trained at the National Ice Centre in Nottingham, aiming to represent Great Britain on the World Stage.

Runners up & Winners

Community Category : 5. Sports Award

Award Presenter: Simon Foster West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner

2nd Runner up

Sports Key

1st Runner up

Special Olympics Sandwell


Icicles Senior

6. Volunteer Award

 5. Sports Award

This award is to recognise an individual who has dedicated their time and energy voluntarily for an organisation or a cause, through which they have made a significant difference in the community.

The finalist are:

Advocacy Matters Volunteers

For delivering independent advocacy services to over 1000 adults at risk in Birmingham and Walsall, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights, concerns, and needs are addressed.

Anura Khanom: Community Connect Foundation

For benefiting vulnerable community members by offering support and fostering engagement activities, particularly focusing on hard-to-reach BME women.

Shellah Minhas: KIKIT / SMC Therapies

For tirelessly serving her community for over 15 years improving the quality of life for BAME families, through numerous therapy workshops and training sessions across the UK.

Ameena Saleh Muflihi: YCA Sandwell/Let’s Talk Hope Cancer Support

For being beacon of support and advocacy for cancer patients in Sandwell and the surrounding area, drawing from her own experiences and earning recognition for her dedicated work.

Lisa Debbie Jeffs: United Support Group CIC

For her hard work volunteering with United Support Group CIC, utilising her expertise to empower and facilitate positive progress in neurodiverse individuals.

Jo Burrill: Birmingham Community Matters

For establishing Birmingham Community Matters, a charity that fosters peer learning and provides crucial support and inspiring people into action.

QRBC Open Award Centre: Duke of Edinburgh Award Coventry

For dedicating her time to support and oversee the QRBC DofE award group, ensuring the successful completion of the program by young participants.

Stuart Bratt: Tough Enough to Care

For preventing suicide and promoting mental health, he established Tough Enough To Care (TETC) after the tragic loss of two friends to suicide, offering free mental health training nationwide.

Alison Walker: Independent Custody Visitor

For more than 15 years, she has volunteered as an Independent Custody Visitor maintaining a strong rapport with custody officers, conducting vital visits, and ensuring the safety and well-being of detainees.

Runners up & Winners

6. Volunteer AwardAward 

Presenter: Richard Kirby, Chief Executive, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

2nd Runner up

Lisa Debbie JeffsUnited Support Group CIC

1st Runner up

Alison WalkerIndependent Custody Visitor


Advocacy Matters Volunteers

7.  Good Neighbour Award

This award is to recognise someone with a heart of gold, who is always on hand to help out and make everyday life better for their neighbours.

The finalist are:

Kathleen O’Hara

For sponsoring the government-funded Homes for Ukraine resettlement scheme in Solihull while fostering community integration.

Melanie Griffin: The Violet Project

For dedicating her time during Covid to establish support services for a suicide bereavement group in Sandwell while also running a food bank from her home.

Mac MacDonald: Flow for ALL

For volunteering with Royal Voluntary Service Charity, regularly checking on vulnerable individuals, and running a non-profit charity to support PTSD sufferers.

Katarzyna Fejfer: Shropshire European Organisation CIC

For her extensive efforts in fostering cultural diversity, community support, and aiding Ukrainian refugees in Shrewsbury and Shropshire.

Shahbon Hussain: North Edgbaston Action Team

For responding quickly to an attack that took place in his locality  aiding a successful police investigation, using his networks in the North Edgbaston Action Team.

Waqar Malik: Coventry Flowers

For his dedicated efforts during Covid, he supported people from diverse backgrounds, and raised awareness on issues facing children above 15 years old.

Yasmin Paulson: Be Kind

For establishing 'Be Kind'  a food bank that  sources and distributes essential goods to the homeless, and vulnerable individuals, making a significant impact through her efforts.

Katie Stafford

For dedicating her time to volunteering at University Hospital Charity and Pets in Hospital, bringing her dog to uplift patients and positively impacting the hospital community.

Nassim Saif: Bright Future Association

For providing young people in Balsall Heath/Sparkbrook with sporting activities, opportunities to develop their skills while deterring them from criminal activities.

Runners up & Winners

7. Good Neighbour Award

Award Presenter: Asst. Chief Constable Matt Welsted West Midlands Police

2nd Runner up

Katarzyna FejferShropshire European Organisation CIC

1st Runner up

Shahbon Hussain


Nassim SaifBright Future Association

Runners up & Winners

8. Educational Achievement AwardAward 

Presenter: Pat Carvalho, Principal, Birmingham Metropolitan College

MD Abrar Hassan

For achieving excellent GCSE results with 9 A stars and 1 A.  Abrar has truly demonstrated exceptional dedication and academic prowess. These grades reflect Abrar's commitment to excellence and the pursuit of knowledge.

Mohammed Saquib

For his exceptional academic achievements, he achieved 10 A stars and 1 A grade at GCSE level. Despite facing the challenge of waking up before sunrise for his daily routine. His dedication to both his education and faith exemplifies his unwavering determination and commitment to succeed.

Bilal Javed

For his exceptional resilience and determination, Bilal, hailing from a working-class family, has demonstrated remarkable strength in the face of adversity. This year, his family endured the heartache of losing his maternal nan. Despite these profound personal hardships and family difficulties, Bilal's unwavering commitment to his education shone through. He achieved a notable 2:1 degree in pharmacy. Furthermore, he successfully passed his pre-registration exams, earning the title of a qualified pharmacist.

Public Services Award Category Finalist: 

8. Public Services Award

This award is to recognise an outstanding contribution made by an officer or a team from a local authority or Housing Association by going the extra mile to respond to the service needs of the community and improve customer satisfaction.

The finalist are:

Darnish Amraz: Birmingham City Council Youth Service

For dedicating his time to supporting young people in gaining employment skills and building their confidence.

Sophy Forman-Lynch: Dudley Council

For transforming the profile and status of the early years in Dudley by developing models and delivery plans.

Sally Baker

For her relentless dedication in working with staff,  parents and the local community to improve standards at the school.

Nottingham Clean Champions: Nottingham City Council Staff & Volunteers

For their proactive efforts to improve Nottingham's cleanliness, and raising awareness about littering issues to change residents' behaviour.

Nick Garrett: Sandwell Council

For his continuous effort to work with and support third sector organisations across Sandwell

Runners up & Winners

Services Category

8. Public Services Award

Award Presenter: Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP Minister of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development

2nd Runner up

Sally BakerCape Hill Primary School

1st Runner up

Sophy FormanLynch- Dudley Council


Darnish AmrazBirmingham City Council Youth Service

 9. Community Reassurance Award

This award is to recognise the outstanding contribution made by a member of the community or a policing team who have worked hard to successfully improve community safety or reduce the fear of crime.

The finalist are:Aysha and Kiran Iqbal: ODARA The Support Network CIC

For supporting victims of domestic abuse by offering them advice and guidance throughout Birmingham.

Peige Smith: West Midlands Police

For her hard work in tackling violence against women and girls in hard-to-reach communities.

Amanda Conlon & Alex Read: West Midlands Police

For their efforts in local schools, engaging with children and their proactive approach to addressing vehicle crime and burglaries.

Blue Light Project: CRANSTOUNFor their devotion to supporting clients who have addictions, drugs misuse and chronic alcoholism, mental health, and other underlying issues.

Bharosa Team: Bharosa Domestic Abuse Service, BCC

For their dedicated services empowering South Asian women facing domestic violence, while actively promoting diversity and equality.

Robin Thompson & Carver Anderson: Bringing Hope

For their invaluable work in assisting clients with addiction and mental health, providing crucial support such as financial help, and referrals to help them rehabilitate.

Mandy Myers: WAVE (Wash Away Victims Effects)

For her dedicated work at WAVE providing immediate support to victims of domestic abuse, mentoring, and facilitating non-molestation orders.

Alison Walker: Independent Custody Visitor

For her dedicated and professional service as an Independent Custody Visitor (ICV) and appropriate adult for over 15 years.

Women Acting in Today’s Society (WAITS)

For their work empowering women, aiding BAME community-based groups in supporting domestic abuse victims, and offering support to thousands over three decades.

Runners up & Winners

9. Community Reassurance Award

Award Presenter: Simon Foster West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner

2nd Runner up

Blue Light ProjectCRANSTOUN

1st Runner up

Peige SmithWest Midlands Police


Robin Thompson & Carver AndersonBringing Hope

10. Health & Wellbeing Award

This award is to recognise the significant contribution made by a health practitioner or a team to improve health and well-being though their continuous dedication and commitment to help others going beyond their call of duty.

The finalist are:


For providing crucial support and advocacy to 200 people with learning-disability to fostering skills development and independence.

Community Mental Health Transformation Experts by Experience Rethink Mental Illness, Grapevine, CWPT

For their meaningful contributions in raising awareness of the needs and experiences of people with severe and enduring mental illness.

Tom Parker: LD& A Team for Birmingham and Solihull ICB

For his passionate leadership and commitment to improving healthcare services in Solihull and Birmingham

Wellbeing Outcomes Framework Project Team: Walsall Together

For their innovative approach in co-producing a wellbeing outcomes framework in Walsall, significantly enhancing the wellbeing of citizens, and addressing health inequalities.

Amy Maclean: Ladywood & Perry Barr Locality Partnership

For her dedication to reducing health inequalities and introducing impactful programmes that empower individuals and build their confidence.

Shamala Antonio: Impact 4 Life Wellbeing

For her impactful initiatives, hosting pop-ups in Birmingham, and a collaboration that brough health and wellbeing activities to New Street Station commuters.

Katie Washbourne: Ordinary Magic

For her dedicated work at Ordinary Magic delivering HAF activities to vulnerable children and offering invaluable support following the Babbs Mill Lake incident.

Coventry and Warwickshire Mind: Children and Young People’s Services

For their two decades of dedicated work, delivering essential mental health and wellbeing support to children, young people and families in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Bethel Health and Healing Network

For their efforts in supporting vulnerable pregnant women, new moms, and those struggling with mental health issues to improve their wellbeing.

Runners up & Winners

10. Health & Wellbeing Award

Award Presenter: Sir David Nicholson | Chairman | NHS Sandwell & West

2nd Runner up

Wellbeing Outcomes Framework Project Team

1st Runner up

Community Mental Health Transformation Experts by Experience Rethink Mental Illness, Grapevine, CWPT


Bethel Health and Healing Network

 11. Educational Services Award

This award is to recognise an individual or a team who has been innovative in creating opportunities for people to get into education or complete their education who otherwise would not have studied/achieved the grades.

The finalist are:

Sebastian Hamilton: Sporting Elite CIC

For their dedicated work, offering mentoring, educational support and supporting West Midlands Police in helping to reduce violence and crime amongst young people.

Rachael Graham: Street League Birmingham

For their impactful work with young people, providing educational services to get them off the streets and into employment and education.

Georgina Mendez: Orion School

For their work with marginalised youth, providing 1-1 support to identify their needs in order to deter them from illegal activities.


For their impactful efforts; they have supported over 1000 young people with mental health challenges and championed this work internationally.

James Greygoose: SCC Academy

For their efforts, providing free Essential Digital Skills training and engaging over 500 people in training and other employability events.

Street Futures CIC

For their youth-led community efforts, delivering holiday camps, sports coaching sessions; they have combated crime and unemployment.

Natalie Byron: AP Task Force (City of Birmingham School)

For her work with young people, reducing serious youth violence and exploitation as well as improving educational attendance and attainment.

Michael and Julia Klonowski: The Cyber Hub Trust

For their commitment to helping young people, from disadvantaged backgrounds, pursue careers in technology and address local and social issues through education and training.

Janet Blann: Northfield Quaker Pre-School

For her dedicated 47-year career in childcare, involvement in fundraising activities and the positive impact she has made on families and peers.

Runners up & Winners

11.Educational Services Award

Award Presenter: Professor Aleks Subic | Vice Chancellor & Chief Executive | Aston University

2nd Runner up

Janet BlannNorthfield Quaker Pre-School

1st Runner up

Sebastian HamiltonSporting Elite CIC


Michael and Julia KlonowskiThe Cyber Hub Trust

 12. Business & Enterprise Award

This award is to recognise businesses and social enterprises that have managed to ride the economic downturn or have made positive contribution to their locality and/or customers.

The finalist are:

The Jericho Foundation

For their notable work with marginalised young people at risk of becoming NEET, facilitating their progress into employment or education.

Rachel Jennings: Rainey Community Creations

For her development of inclusive playschemes that provide respite for young carers away from their caring responsibilities.

Cape Community Care Day Centre

For their work serving as a vital community hub for vulnerable people during Covid-19 and beyond; fostering activity and reducing isolation.

Diverse City Care Staff Team: Diversity City Care Ltd

For their commitment to providing personalized culturally appropriate care to BME clients, facilitating improved physical and mental well-being.

Romanah Buchanan & Janice Davies: Eloquent Dance Company

For their impact on over 100 young people through the provision of dance classes, performing arts and empowerment workshops.

Designs in Mind CIC

For their unique and empowering approach providing individualistic, non-clinical support to individuals living with mental health challenges.

Rackeem Reid: Bouncing Statistics

For their work empowering and mentoring young people in the West Midlands to overcome adversity and realize their potential.

Bright Kidz Day Nursery

For their brilliant work supporting children with SENCO needs, vulnerable families, and for establishing Child Contact Centres.

Steph Freeman & Heather Delaney: Solihull Parent Carer Voice

For their advocacy and influence in shaping services for families with children with SEN and disabilities in Solihull; they have supported over 2500 families.

Runners up & Winners

12. Business and Enterprise Award

Award Presenter: Shokat Lal | Chief Executive | Sandwell Council

2nd Runner up

Steph Freeman & Heather DelaneySolihull Parent Carer Voice

1st Runner up

Diverse City Care Staff TeamDiversity City Care Ltd


Romanah Buchanan & Janice DaviesEloquent Dance Company

13. Community Organisation Award

This award is to recognise an outstanding voluntary organisation that has made a positive impact on the community through their continuous dedication and passion to help the community.

The finalist are:

Highfield Hall Community Club: Robina Iqbal

For their dedication to developing an inclusive hub that fosters community connections and hosts diverse educational and cultural events.

Refugee and Migrant Centre: Black Country and Birmingham

For their unwavering commitment to supporting refugees and migrants with mental health, housing, financial and employment support; since 1999.

Hetty’s Charity

For their dedication to supporting families affected by substance misuse, preventing children from entering local authority care, and providing invaluable services to hundreds of families.

The Project Birmingham

For their 32 years of devotion to providing financial advice, homelessness support, and making a significant impact on reducing homelessness in Birmingham.

Donate 1 Create 1

For their outstanding work delivering 4,500 places at holiday camps, a diverse range of activities, free meals, and positively impacting young people and families in Erdington.

Nechells POD

For fostering community cohesion, supporting pregnant mothers, and reducing isolation through diverse activities and engagement.

Entraide Mutual Aid

For their vital support to asylum seekers, refugees, and vulnerable migrants in Solihull; fostering community integration and independence.

Wolves Foundation

For their diverse range of sport, education, health and employability interventions; delivering a remarkable 775,000 sessions in the last year.

The Benson Community Project

For their unwavering dedication in fostering community inclusivity and providing free football sessions and a welcoming open-door policy.

Birmingham Community Matters: Jo Burrill

For empowering voluntary & community groups through a peer learning network, providing crucial support and a space to share their skills, knowledge and experience.

Runners up & Winners

 13. Community Organisation Award

Award Presenter: Rt Reverend Anne Hollinghurst, Bishop of Aston and Acting Bishop of Birmingham

2nd Runner up

The Benson Community Project

1st Runner up

The Project Birmingham


Refugee and Migrant Centre: Black Country and Birmingham

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