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SORTED Youth Club Initiative


‘SORTED’ is a youth employment initiative of Community Foundation. The programme is aimed at 16-18 year old who are at risk or not in education, training or employment. The programme has five strands:

  • Skills

  • Opportunity

  • Recruitment

  • Training

  • Education

SORTED aimed to support young people to take control of their future, by fostering in them eagerness and desire to achieve in life; confidence to take responsibility for their learning and future career direction; acquire necessary skills to open doors to educational, training and employment opportunities and success.

Young people living in inner city areas experience many barriers that hinder or prevent them reaching their full potential. Issues such as truancy, and bullying during school life; teenage pregnancy and peer pressure; lack of positive role model; lack of support or encouragement from parents; drugs & substance misuse, are a few of the key challenges that some young people struggle with.

Barriers and Challenges for Young People

Community Foundation has a number of highly qualified and experienced staff who are able to provide one-one tailor made programmes based on the needs of an individual. We work closely with a number of agency, such as the police, Job Centre Plus, city council, youth service, Youth Offending Team, Drugs & Alcohol Team, faith & voluntary organisations.

Working in Partnership

  • Course Advice, Info & Guidance

  • Course finder

  • Enrolment Application Assistance

  • Access to Accredited Courses

  • Education Fairs & Taster Courses


  • Access to Accredited & Non Accredited training

  • Coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Peer Training

  • Advice, Information & Guidance


  • Interview skills

  • CV Writing

  • ICT skills

  • Communication & Presentation

  • Leadership & Life Skills


  • Peer Motivation Programme

  • Self Esteem & Confidence building

  • Personal Development Residential

  • Group Workshops

  • Positive role models


  • Shadowing

  • Work Placement

  • Volunteering

  • Job search & Application

  • Career/Education/Training Guidance & Advice

Click here for our SORTED brochure

Aged 16-18

NEET (not in education, training or employment)

Potential NEET


  • Gain and develop skills

  • Undertake work experience

  • Build confidence

  • Improve communication 

  • Meet and work with new people

  • Enhance chances of employability



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