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Women's Development Work


We organised a consultation workshop with BAME women to discuss what issues prevent their progression and what ways we can support them to reach their potential.

A workshop (site visit) for BAME women was held to learn about how different public sector organisations and agencies work and the services they provide.


Women’s Interpersonal Development programme graduation ceremony took place

We held young mothers confidence building workshop to support learning and development of their child.

We delivered the BAME women’s practical English learning programme to support them converse in everyday situation.

We held a young adults’ social skills development residential to improve self- motivation and confidence building.

Individuals must be women

Willing to learn

There may be specific requirements for certain programmes, contact us for further info


  • Develop women's skillls

  • Increase your chances of employability

  • Meet other like minded women

  • Improve communication skills

  • Build confidence



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