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Training & Employment

a group of people sitting down on chairs in a class, with some standing

Life Skills English

We are providing weekly ESOL classes for people with limited spoken and written English.

Duration :

12 Weeks

a group of people sitting on chairs in a semi circle


We deliver a work programme that helps young people to develop skills, knowledge, and experience in preparation for an apprenticeship.

Duration :

8 Weeks

Life Skills Programme

Supported by Family Action, we are delivering Barclays Life skills supporting individuals into volunteering, education, or employment opportunities.

Duration :

6 weeks

Student Work Experience

We offer student work experience opportunities to College and University Students.

Duration :

a group of people sitting on the floor over a piece of paper

Apprenticeship Scheme

We offer a range of apprenticeships to support young people and adults to gain experience, and a qualification while doing paid work.

Duration :

18 months

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